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Caring for your Japanese Spitz puppy

When you first arrive home ensure your home environment is reasonably quiet as it takes time for young puppies to become accustom to loud noises, new surroundings and being away from their mum and siblings. You will need a small crate for them to sleep in (preferably in a laundry or small room) and you'll find it to be the best tool for toilet training as well.

Resist the urge to have your puppy sleep with you on their first night as they will likely leave a surprise in your bed and this can lead to separation anxiety if you do not work from home.

I highly recommend you read up on toilet training before you bring your puppy home and try to establish a routine for eating and toileting as early as possible. Once they are toilet trained they will love to sleep on the end of your bed - or under your bed as ours do.

Invest in a good grooming kit and get your puppy familiar with being groomed from a young age. Your Japanese Spitz should not need bathing too often but their double coat will benefit greatly from grooming around once to twice per week. This will also help when they shed (blow) their coat - usually twice a year. The type of brush/comb you'll need is a slicker brush to work the finer downy coat closer to their skin and a wide pin (with rounded heads) brush for their outer coat to keep from from tangles. A good leave-in conditioner goes a long way to keeping their coat tangle free and smelling great too.

Be sure to "puppy-proof" your home as they will chew anything and everything and also can swallow small items that can have dire consequences for your puppy and your wallet. Remove small plastic toys, put shoes away and even floor plants may need to be moved until you establish boundaries for your puppy. To discourage your puppy from chewing furniture you can make a loud clapping noise to distract them or use food treats (healthy dried chicken or liver treats work really well) and they will learn quickly they get a treat when they leave the furniture alone.


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